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2020 Mission Trip to Honduras

Register early ~ space is limited.
Registration & down payment of $500 to secure your reservation is DUE BY March 15, 2020.  Partial down payments accepted through the system; your reservation will be confirmed and secured once your full down payment of $500 is received, on or before March 15. Total trip cost is approx. $1200. To pay in full at this time, contact Generations Finance Administrator Sue Leber at treasurer@generationscommunity.org

Short term mission trips will change your life.

Only a few can go and spend a career serving in foreign country.  God calls these people and we support them with our resources so that they can give their full attention to God’s work.

Although few can give a lifetime to international work most can give a week or two.  We encourage families to save up in order to go together to serve in another country on a short term mission trip.  Usually ten days to two weeks.  We call these “Work and Witness” trips.

We raise the money for the project, pay our own way and then do the work.  Our work gives witness to the people of the country and what we leave behind (the project) becomes an instrument of grace for church in that country.

We normally partner with our international church in these matters.  We often send teams that present the Jesus film and work on a construction project or do Vacation Bible School for the local kids.



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