Core Values



You can’t hide from God, so don’t hide from each other… let’s just be real.  The truth is there was only one perfect person, and we crucified him.  Everybody has some level of brokenness in their lives and pretending we don’t have struggles and failures is just lying.  Everybody has a past.  You never have to share what you don’t want others to know but let’s not pretend we have it all together.  Be real, be authentic.  God loves you right where you are, so let’s love each other the same way.


We believe all leaders are to be servant leaders.  We believe with the privilege of leadership comes accountability to the body of Christ.  Everyone who is a leader is accountable including our Lead pastor.   Our lead pastor is accountable to our local Elders board.  These lay people are elected for a two-year term with half being elected every year.  The pastor can’t “stack the board” and doesn’t need to.  Additionally, pastors do not handle money.  Their names are not on the accounts, they don’t count the money and they are only authorized to spend money through the budget which is established by the Local Elders board.


The single most important thing anyone can do with their life is become a follower of Jesus.  This can only happen when we enter into personal relationship with him by confessing our sins (everyone has a past), asking Him to come into our life and forgive us.


We believe that God exists in family/community.  Theological types call this the Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  In Genesis the only thing in creation that God said was not good, was Adam being alone.  From the very beginning God has intended us to live in family.  We believe that the family is God’s chosen way of existing so we believe in strengthening and encouraging the family.  Family comes in all shapes and sizes, sometime the best family is the one you choose.  We hope you choose to be a part of the Generations Community Family.


We believe the Bible is the finally authority on all things relating to spiritual life and practice.  Therefore, all preaching and teaching must be grounded in Biblical truth.  Pastor Craig’s preaching is pretty straight forward –  here’s the problem, here’s what the Bible says, here’s how to apply to your life today .


When Jesus was asked to sum the whole thing up He said, Love God with your whole being and  Love the people around you like family.  Then he went on to say in Matthew, all your religion must be built on this.  The way we say that around Generations Community is, what is not of love, is not of God.  We are committed to to the hard, messy work of loving and being loved.


Not only are we committed to teaching what Jesus taught, we are committed to doing what Jesus did.  Jesus said He didn’t come to be served, but serve.  We believe that service to others is essential to spiritual health.  We provide many opportunties for people to serve like Jesus inside and outside the church.

Check out a short video from our pastor about each of our Core Values

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