Pastor Joni Bio

Pastor Joni grew up in Spokane. With her husband Ian, who is an ordained pastor, she has served at churches in Moscow, Idaho, and in Snohomish. She joined Generations Community Church in August 2017. They have three teenagers: Eli, Noah and Zoe. She is passionate about helping people discover more about God by exploring the scriptures. She received bachelor and master’s degrees from the University of Idaho. She currently is completing her ministerial program through Nazarene Bible College.


If ya REALLY want to know about Pastor Joni…

Favorite Meal:
Carne Asada with pico de gallo                  

Favorite way to spend your day off?
Playing in a garden.

Favorite Family Vacation:
We went on a walking vacation to Victoria, B.C. We arrived by the Clipper and spent a week touring the beautiful city. The highlight, of course, was visiting Butchart Gardens (even the kids loved it!).

Favorite Bible Verse?

Romans 5:7-8